Should You Consider Filing For Bankruptcy?

Deciding whether or not to file a personal bankruptcy is a difficult decision, and one that should not be done hastily. You need to turn to an experienced bankruptcy attorney to help you understand your options, the legal process, and the consequences of your decisions (and failure to make a decision).  At Swanson & Moors, LLC you will be provided with customized guidance and help to determine whether bankruptcy is the right option for you.personal bankruptcy

Even when careful with our finances and try and plan for the unexpected, there are situations where we will be left faced with overwhelming debt and nowhere to turn. Bankruptcy is a legal procedure that enables a debtor to seek relief under the protection of the bankruptcy court. Filing for bankruptcy places an automatic stay on all debt collection efforts and lawsuits against the debt, including foreclosure. It will stop wage garnishments and can prevent repossession as well as put an end to all contact from creditors and debt collectors who are trying to recover the money they are owed. Upon the completion of the case, all eligible debts will be discharged and your responsibilities to these debts will be eliminated.

If you are worried or uncomfortable with filing bankruptcy, you are not alone. Many people feel the same way. Just in 2013, there were over a million personal bankruptcy filings. These individuals and families made a difficult decision to protect their assets and lay the groundwork for a brighter future. Bankruptcy law was designed specifically to help people overcome overwhelming debt. Bankruptcy gives an honest person a fresh start.

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When you contact Swanson & Moors, LLC for a free bankruptcy evaluation, we will work with you regarding:

Your eligibility to file – He will look at your debts, assets, income, and expenses to determine whether you would qualify for bankruptcy.

Whether or not it is the right choice – Personal bankruptcy is not for everybody. There are a number of available debt relief options and bankruptcy Attorney Swanson will guide you to the debt relief option that best suits you.

Bankruptcy chapter – beyond determining whether bankruptcy is your best debt relief solution, it is also important to determine which chapter of bankruptcy is the best option for you. As a consumer, you would file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 under the United States Bankruptcy Code. Based on the type of debt you have, income, expenses, family size and other factors, Attorney Swanson will help you which chapter best suits your needs.

Pre-Bankruptcy planning – timing can be incredibly important in the filing of your personal bankruptcy. Is it the right time now? Are there benefits to waiting?

Asset protection– beyond determining which chapter of personal bankruptcy you might file under, it is also important to file under the exemption scheme that will have the greatest impact on protecting your assets.

Benefits Of Bankruptcy

By filing personal bankruptcy, you can:

  • Stop Mortgage Foreclosure

  • Stop Creditor Harassment

  • Stop Wage Garnishment

  • Stop Creditor Lawsuits

  • Eliminate Credit Card Debt

  • Eliminate Mortgage Deficiencies

  • Eliminate Second Mortgages (in some instances)

  • Eliminate Medical Debt

  • Eliminate Personal Loans

  • Avoid Judicial Liens

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