Will My Homeowner's Insurance Policy Cover Personal Injuries on My Property?

By Pauline Nassif, Civil Litigation Paralegal

Many people know that a homeowner's insurance policy covers property loss due to fire, theft, water damage but it could also cover more, including some personal injury claims that occur on your property.  Your policy may also cover personal injury claims which occur away from your home. 

What you need to consider:

Personal Injuries on Your Property

Homeowner’s insurance has many benefits, one of which is that it can protect you again personal injury liability when a guest is injured at your home. Policies generally cover legal liability if for example a guest has a slip-and-fall accident while on your property and becomes injured.  It is possible, depending on the type of policy you have, that some injuries that are caused by members of your household, or even your pets could be covered by your homeowner’s policy. For example, if someone is bitten by your dog, your homeowner's liability insurance policy will likely cover the cost of the injuries.  The actual coverage amount depends on the policy you carry.

Personal Injuries Away From Your Property

Some insurance policies may also cover injuries that occur away from the home that result from negligent use of personal property outside of the home.  For example, if your dog bites someone away from your property, those injuries would likely also be covered by a homeowner's policy.  Bearing in mind that the coverage amount for off-property injuries may be less, compared to injuries that occur on your property. The actual coverage for your homeowner's insurance depends on the terms of your policy.

Take action and consult an experienced personal injury attorney and your insurance agent.