Motorcycle Season Safety

By Pauline Nassif, Civil Litigation Paralegal

As Spring is slowly greeting us and Summer is on the horizon, motorcycle season will soon arrive. Riders are looking forward to the wind in their face and the open road ahead of them.  Swanson and Moors, LLC would like to take this opportunity to review essential pre-season preparation for motorcyclists to keep you safe.

Preparing For Your Personal Injury Consultation

By Pauline Nassif, Civil Litigation Paralegal

To ensure that you will have a smooth initial consultation with your personal injury attorney you do not want to show up unprepared.  You want to be able to provide your potential attorney with as much information as possible related to your accident and injuries.  This is important so he/she can make a proper evaluation of your personal injury case.  Bringing crucial documents with you will ensure a smooth initial consultation.

How Can Underinsurance/Uninsurance Protect Your Family?

By Pauline Nassif, Civil Litigation Paralegal

As a civil litigation paralegal with over 25 years of experience in personal injury, I have witnessed countless clients who have sustained horrific injuries in car accidents.  Many times these clients were protected by underinsurance or uninsurance (UI).  However, those clients who did not carry this coverage learned the hard way how very important it is to carry this coverage in order to protect you and your passengers.

Who is to Blame in an Accident with Multiple Cars?

Pauline Nassif, Civil Litigation Paralegal

When you are involved in an auto accident with multiple cars determining which auto driver to file a claim and file litigation against can be tricky.  There are a number of dependent factors which determine who you can sue including Massachusetts' state laws and details about who was involved and at fault for the accident.  Ultimately it comes down to which drivers operated their vehicles with negligence.