At Swanson & Moors, LLC, Brockton Divorce lawyer Kelli S. Moors focuses her practice in the area of Divorce and Family Law, including Uncontested Divorce.  Attorney Moors provides practical yet compassionate advice and advocacy to assist clients undergoing both contested and uncontested divorce.  From simple, no asset cases to more complex high asset and child custody cases, Attorney Moors has extensive experience in the family law practice and can assist her clients in making informed decisions about their cases, their family and their lives.

If you and your partner are considering a divorce and you are in agreement with all of the terms of your Divorce settlement, a cost-effective and expedient option is an uncontested divorce. Massachusetts is a no-fault divorce state, which means that it is not necessary to state some sort of fault-based or negative reason for the dissolution of your marriage. Nowadays all you need to do to end the marriage is to state that the union is “irretrievably broken

If you and your spouse have all the aspects of your divorce worked out in advance, then you are eligible for a flat fee divorce. An uncontested divorce encompasses all the areas of a contested divorce, such as child custody, alimony, child support and property division, except in this type of divorce, you and your spouse already have an agreement in place. In order to file an uncontested, you must have a fully executed Separation Agreement to file along with your Complaint for Divorce, executed financial statements, a certified copy of your marriage certificate and if you have minor children, you must file a copy of the certificate of completion in the Parent Education Program.

Keeping your divorce affordable without sacrificing quality counsel is a primary goal of our law firm.

Benefits Of Uncontested Divorce Vs. Contested Divorce

Litigation can be extremely costly, and if you don’t want to have to bear the expenses of a pricey divorce taken to trial, you can always go the route of an uncontested Divorce.  Call today for a free consultation to determine if your case is ripe for an uncontested Divorce. Even if for some reason it ends up being impossible to proceed with an uncontested divorce, a Complaint for Divorce can be filed at any time.

Even if you are considering representing yourself in an uncontested Divorce, it is very important that a skilled Divorce Attorney be hired to draft your Separation Agreement.  At the Law Offices of Swanson & Moors, LLC, your matter can be handled in is entirety by a skilled Divorce Attorney or you may choose Limited Assistance Representation wherein the Attorney is hired for a specific purpose such as drafting your Separation Agreement and Court Pleadings.

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